My mother, Miri Kish was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. At this point its more about quality vs quantity, but we continue to pray for miracles everyday. My goal is to ease the financial burden of her medical bills so that she can focus solely on her health. Her high deductible and insurance premium costs are rather costly since her and my father are self-employed and she is still too young for Medicare. That alone can overwhelm anyone. I feel that this is becoming all too common to watch so many people we love fight this nasty battle, but I for one will do everything in my power to help any way possible.

Thank you so much for the continued support with prayers, good thoughts and just reaching out to her during this time. This time has been more difficult as she has rapidly declined and sometimes the mind is our worst enemy. While donations are greatly appreciated, I understand it’s not always possible. Right now, she needs a village to keep her going and keep her sane. By all means message her and text her, I'm sure she would love that immensely.

~Christina Filipski

Miri Kish (Gaal) is wife to Michael Kish, mother to Christina Filipski (Kish), Mother-in-law to Kenneth Filipski and gra
Miri Kish (Gaal) is wife to Michael Kish, mother to Christina Filipski (Kish), Mother-in-law to Kenneth Filipski and grandmother to 3 grand children: Andrew, Tyler and Sophia Filipski
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